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This Candy Gummy Burger Makes Lunch Sweet

The Raindrops Original Candy Gummy Burger is made with 6 Sweet Gummy Candy Buns, 6 Candy "Cheazz `N Sauce" Gummy Bears, 5 Gummy Candy Bites, 4 Candy Salad Gummy Pieces and 1 of 3 Different Candy Toppings all packed into an incredible hamburger packaging! Sure to be a sweet hit at your next lunch date. Would also make a delicious gift.

  • The Original Candy Burger
  • Made Of 22 Delicious Candies
  • Pre Sliced Into 6 Sections: Gummy Bun Top, Pickles, "Lettuce", and Burger With Cheese Made From Gummy Bears
  • Perfect For Sharing or as a delicious gift