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Sweet Gummy Candy Sticks with Sour Dipping Gel 1CT

Dip and chew your way through this exciting candy with the Juicy Drop Gummies Dip N' Stix. 
This innovative candy comes with chewy candy gummy stix and a yummy gummy gel. Dip the stix in the gel for a fun and tasty sweet and sour candy mix.
Comes in the fantastic flavours of Wild Cherry Berry, Blue Rebel, Knock Out Punch and Watermelon Blast.
Mom says not to play with your food but we beg to differ! This amazing combination of sweet and sour candy is a hands-on, full flavour experience!
Taste the phenomenal fun with the Juicy Drop Gummies Dip N Stix!
  • Grab and go single-serve containers
  • Flavors picked at random
  • Flavors include Blue Rebel, Knock Out Punch, Watermelon Blast, Wild Cherry Berry

**Flavors selected at random **