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**Comes with 1 Pickle Pop**

Pickle pops? YUM!

Bob's Pickle Pops are pickle flavored freeze pops that may have many health benefits.

Some of these benefits include but are not limited to:

-Pickle juice pops can support recovery after exercise by possibly aiding in "turning off" your cramps*.

-Pickle pops may even support weight management because of their high water content, vinegar, and low calorie count.*

-Pickle juice contains sodium which is an important electrolyte that may have been lost during various activities. *

-Athletes use pickle pops for cramp relief or a competitive advantage. Everyday adults, or a pickle lover who just enjoys the taste choose pickle pops too.

-Bob's Pickle Pops are also a great treat for kids of all ages.

-They are keto and gluten free, with no sugar added. You can eat them chilled, frozen, or unfrozen, so they are great for any occasion or adventure.