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The original Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers give a multi-flavored, mouth-puckering experience unlike any other! Covered in tooth-tickling sugary goodness, the crawlers take a tasty turn by mixing two tangy flavors into one yummy gummi. Every sour gummi candy bag comes perfectly balanced with two flavors in each gummi worm! It's double the flavor and double the fun! You can twist them, bite them, or even pull them apart! Sour Brite Crawlers can be eaten any way you like! The original mind-melting flavors are in an assortment of combinations including cherry-lemon flavor, strawberry-grape flavor, and orange-lime flavor. Throw these gummi worms into your party bowl for a sour surprise that will make everyone's faces scrunch. Each worm has the tongue-tinglingly sweet and sour appeal that makes Trolli gummies weirdly awesome! Get them for a friend or just for you. Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers is the sweetest way to share a sour treat.

Made in Mexico 3.4OZ